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Now is the time for American companies to invest in Africa. Let CCA be the bridge between your business and a new world of investment and opportunity in Africa.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA). CCA is a membership organization composed of American and African companies. Today, 20 percent of CCA’s membership is headquartered in Africa. For more than two decades, CCA has helped companies identify new business opportunities, forge partnerships, make strategic decisions and stay current on policy developments.

After you complete a membership application, CCA will review it and schedule an initial membership meeting to discuss how we can best support your mission, vision and services with respect to conducting business in Africa. The initial membership meeting identifies the most important issues affecting your company today.
Membership Fees:
The annual membership fee is determined by the revenue of a company.

  • Companies with less than $6 million annual revenue – $5,000
  • Companies with between $6-$500 million annual revenue – $10,000
  • Companies with more than $500 million annual revenue – $25,000


Small Companies
  • $6 million gross revenue per year or less
$5,000 / 1 year
Medium companies
  • $6-$500 million gross revenue per year
$10,000 / 1 year
Large Companies
  • more than $500 million gross revenue per year
$25,000 / 1 year