Energy Transition/Climate Change

For three decades, Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) has demonstrated a strong track record of convening high-level stakeholders to build, leverage, and scale energy solutions across the U.S.- Africa investment landscape. CCA has a strong base of energy sector member companies with a track record of investments and providing solutions designed to tackle some of the dynamic energy challenges on the continent.

To drive this initiative, CCA established an energy working group with U.S. and African companies working on strategic collaborations that support energy transition efforts to net zero. This is being done by leveraging CCA’s strong access to the US and African governments and the private sector.

CCA has hosted several high-level dialogues and sessions on the future of energy in Africa, specifically on the current transition efforts and pathway to cleaner energy, with attendance from key stakeholders from the U.S. and the African continent across the public and private sectors.

CCA in the medium to long term, will drive stronger engagements, convenings, and discussions between the U.S., African governments, and the private sector.