CCA’s Health Program has a successful history of convening U.S. and African decision makers from the public and private sectors to highlight investment opportunities and facilitate linkages that strengthen Africa's health systems. In the health sector, CCA’s members range from pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device companies, health facilities and NGOs dedicated to fostering sustainable partnerships with U.S. and African governments, multilateral institutions and other key stakeholders on the continent. 

Recognizing the need for the private sector’s role in strengthening Africa’s health systems broadly and the response to COVID-19 specifically, CCA launched the U.S.-Africa Health Security and Resilience Initiative (HSRI) in December 2020. In the first phase of the initiative from December 2020-December 2022, HSRI task force members brought together U.S. and African leaders from government, the private sector, and multilateral organizations to drive increased trade and investment in Africa’s health sector as well as highlight private sector solutions to pandemic related challenges and longer-term issues impacting health service delivery in Africa. 

In December of 2022, CCA launched HSRI Phase II. As a member-driven initiative, HSRI continues to focus on priorities identified by members.  In phase I, members identified three main areas of focus, including disease management, universal health coverage and increased trade and investment.  In Phase II, HSRI continues to look to partner with members and key stakeholders to feature practical examples of how companies and governments can work together to solve specific problems and expand trade and investment, with the aim of improving public and private sector engagement and increasing opportunities for public-private partnerships. HSRI Phase II focuses on the following themes: Regulatory Convergence, Improving Patient Access to Quality Medicines and Care and Local Manufacturing. For more information about CCA's US-Africa Health Security and Resilience Initiative, please visit