Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) is a critical partner and enabler for U.S. – Africa B2B and B2G partnerships to advance the digitalization agenda in Africa. From addressing access and “last mile” challenges, to socio-economic and gender disparities impacting ICT access and utilization, to development and implementation of trans-continental policies and regulations, CCA is focused on maximizing shared benefit from transformative technologies. Working with key stakeholders advancing the U.S. government’s new “Digital Initiative with Africa” and related programs and advancing the African Union’s “Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa (2020-2030).” CCA seeks to support Africa’s cutting-edge potential for technological leaps that tap into the continent’s entrepreneurial potential and demand for transparent delivery of government and private-sector services.

Our efforts span CCA’s signature U.S.-Africa Business Summits, as a co-organizer of the U.S.-Africa Business Forum during the December 2022 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, and in stand-alone sector-focused events and engagements. CCA’s U.S. and African member companies focusing on or engaged with the ICT / cyber sector will continue to provide both the intellectual engagement to expand potentiality for B2B and B2G collaboration, and practical, implementable solutions for African beneficiation.