Senior Africa Health Specialist

Corporate Council on Africa
Washington DC/ Virtual
Full Time
5 months ago

Program Summary:
Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) is seeking a Senior Africa Health Specialist to assist with the implementation of the Regional Sub-Saharan Africa: Technical Symposium Africa Regulatory Convergence for Healthcare Products Workshop Series, including developing and organizing 5 two-day roundtables in Africa over 2 years.

The Health Industry Specialist, shall have the following minimum experience:

    1. The Specialist shall be familiar with U.S. healthcare technologies, equipment, and services, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics, and healthcare ICT programs. The Contractor shall have experience working with U.S. healthcare companies and industry associations.

    2. Minimum 10 years of experience in healthcare infrastructure development in emerging markets, with a preference for experience working on regulatory harmonization. Experience in Africa region is preferred.

    3. Relevant U.S. industry contacts in the healthcare sector.

    4. Understanding of financing mechanisms for healthcare infrastructure deployment.

    5. Experience working with governmental regulators and stakeholders, sector associations and other commercial groups in the healthcare sector. 


CCA is seeking an expert with deep experience and passion for building strong health systems in Africa and broad consensus-building experience across diverse stakeholders and contexts. S/he will have significant experience on donor-funded projects. S/he will be knowledgeable about the objectives of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) in Africa’s health sector.  S/he will also be aware of CCA’s U.S.-Africa Health Security and Resilience Initiative (HSRI) and motivated to work in collaboration with CCA staff and key partners to advance that initiative generally and specifically in identifying areas of synergy with the Africa Regulatory Convergence for Healthcare Products Workshop Series.

The Senior Africa Health Specialist will have extensive knowledge of the health sector regulatory environment in Africa as well as key continental institutions (such as the Africa CDC, AMA, AMSP, AVATT) as well as national frameworks for health products regulations in key countries across the African continent.  S/he should an energetic, mission-driven, and collaborative senior leader with a track record of coalition building and facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships with strong communication and decision-making skills. The candidate will be enthusiastic about supporting the CCA team to implement the Africa Regulatory Convergence for Healthcare Products Workshop Series – including developing the focus/themes and identifying the critical experts needed at each of the five workshops, as well as other HSRI programs including meetings of the HSRI task force, organizing issue or country-focused roundtables, and drafting well-written technical white papers and editorials on promoting African health sector security.

S/he will have a familiarity with private sector needs in Africa’s health industry (including knowledge of CCA health sector member initiatives like the Pfizer Accords), public-private partnership models and development assistance approaches and their advantages and disadvantages. S/he will have a strong interest in being part of a movement to improve and develop new more effective models for strengthening Africa’s health systems. S/he will be experienced in engaging in peer relationships with industry executives, senior U.S. and African government officials from low and middle-income countries and senior officials at African as well as multilateral institutions.

S/he will keep abreast of innovative and successful approaches to improving health security in Africa including, increasing trade and investment in healthcare products and services, Universal Health Coverage (UHC) implementation, disease response and management preparedness, noncommunicable diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes) and infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, COVID-19 and pandemic threats), epidemiology, health economics, health system policies aimed at strengthening Africa’s health sector.



  • Minimum 10 years of relevant work experience required

  • Demonstrated experience implementing programs or supporting program implementation in countries in sub-Saharan Africa

  • Demonstrated program planning and design skills

  • Demonstrated experience with coalition building and facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships

  • Excellent verbal and written communication

  • Demonstrated experience providing technical assistance in global health

  • Strong knowledge of trends in US-Africa health, donor initiatives and programs such as USAID or Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Knowledge of global health architecture and stakeholder groups

  • Strong networks in the global health community

  • Demonstrated leadership, versatility, innovative mindset, and integrity


  • Bachelor’s degree in public health or related discipline preferred

Interview Process and Work Location:

  • In-person and/or remote interview process

  • In-person/Remote/Hybrid work location


Salary: $75,000.00 a year


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