Empowering connections: U.S. and Africa business relations

Since 1993, paving the way for sustainable business growth and investment between the United States and African nations.


Where U.S. innovation meets African opportunity

The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) stands as the premier U.S. business association dedicated to unlocking the immense potential of African markets for American businesses. Founded in 1993, CCA has been at the forefront of fostering strategic partnerships, promoting investments, and facilitating trade between the United States and the diverse nations of Africa.

Our Mission

Facilitating prosperous partnerships

Our mission is to introduce, facilitate, and strengthen commercial relations between the United States of America and the nations of Africa. We support favorable trade legislation, expand financing for investments, encourage U.S.-Africa private sector partnerships, and advocate for a business climate conducive to long-term investment.

What We Do

Empowering connections and opportunities


CCA's flagship U.S.-Africa Business Summit and sector-specific conferences are hubs for key African and U.S. decision-makers, offering our members exclusive networking opportunities, insights into trade and investment trends, and avenues to forge impactful business partnerships.

Special Events

Our special events provide unique platforms for direct engagement with African government delegations and U.S. officials, fostering dialogue on business initiatives, trade policies, and investment opportunities.

Trade Missions

Designed to open doors in African markets, our trade missions connect U.S. firms with strategic partners, senior government officials, and local business leaders, uncovering avenues for trade and investment.

Working Groups

Through sector- and country-specific working groups, CCA fosters dialogue on emerging business opportunities, facilitating member engagement with multilateral agencies and policymakers in high-quality programming environments.

Private Meetings

Our private meetings offer CCA members the chance to engage in meaningful discussions with key stakeholders, negotiate business deals, and share insights, furthering their business development goals.