In the heart of a continent where 65% of the world's arable land awaits, the African Agribusiness sector emerges as a beacon of potential, projected to reach a value of $1 trillion by 2030. The Corporate Council on Africa’s Agribusiness Program seizes this unparalleled opportunity, addressing the sector's pressing challenges—from enhancing value addition and integrating supply chains to fostering capacity building, technology adoption, and strategic policy formulation. Through facilitating vital public and private partnerships and pioneering flexible, sustainable financing schemes, our program is a catalyst for transformative growth.

The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) is at the forefront of unlocking the immense opportunities within the African Agribusiness sector. Our Agribusiness Program is designed not just to navigate the challenges of limited value addition and lack of supply chain integration but to propel the sector forward through strategic engagements and partnerships. We offer a unique platform for members and external stakeholders to exchange best practices, address policy limitations, and forge ahead with innovative solutions. Special meetings in the U.S. and across Africa serve as conduits for direct engagement with project developers, financial institutions, and government officials, all focused on nurturing the fertile ground of African agribusiness. Join us in shaping the future of agriculture in Africa, where every challenge is an opportunity for growth and every partnership a step towards a thriving, sustainable agribusiness landscape.