The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) Finance Program bridges the gap between ambitious projects and the financial support necessary to bring them to fruition. Designed to be cross-cutting, this program educates members about financing opportunities and connects them with key financial institutions in the U.S., Africa, and beyond. Central to our efforts is the annual Africa Finance Forum, a prestigious event that gathers U.S. and African financial institutions, government leaders, and private sector representatives. Held on the margins of the World Bank/IMF Spring meetings, the forum addresses financing challenges and explores innovative investment tools and platforms that can serve as catalysts for growth across the sector.

The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA)'s Finance Program plays a pivotal role in unlocking financial avenues for projects poised to transform the African landscape. By educating members on the myriad of financing opportunities available and facilitating direct connections with leading financial institutions from the U.S., Africa, and the international arena, CCA empowers businesses to navigate the financial ecosystem with confidence. Our flagship Africa Finance Forum epitomizes CCA’s commitment to fostering dialogue and partnership. This annual convening on the margins of the World Bank/IMF Spring meetings is a dynamic platform for addressing the pressing financing challenges facing the continent, while also highlighting the investment tools and platforms that promise to catalyze sector-wide growth. Through thought leadership, strategic networking, and a focus on actionable solutions, the Finance Program is an essential resource for members seeking to leverage finance as a tool for impactful investment in Africa.