Doing Business with MCC: A Spotlight on West Africa

Photos - From L to R: Florizelle Liser, CCA, Prabhat Garg, MCC and Brian Corry, MCC


On February 26th, CCA hosted a roundtable discussion on “Doing Business with MCC: A Spotlight on West Africa.” The meeting featured Mr. Prabhat Garg, Practice Lead and Senior Director, Procurement, MCC and Brian Corry, Managing Director, Contracts and Grants Management, MCC who presented on opportunities for US businesses to partner with the agency and bid on MCC funded infrastructure and power projects in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Benin and its most recently signed compact in Senegal.


During their remarks Brian Corry and Prahbat Garg gave an overview of MCC and its procurement guidelines and processes. The agency forms partnerships with low-income countries committed to good governance and economic freedom through grants including Compacts, Concurrent Compacts for Regional Investments and Threshold Programs. MCC currently has 17 active Compacts and Threshold Programs with 10 of them in Africa. Companies can work with MCC by competing for contacts, grants and PPPs, investing alongside the agency or helping to shape the design of MCC compacts.