Engaging U.S. Investors to Facilitate U.S. Investments in Africa

On Monday, April 25, 2022, Corporate Council on Africa held a roundtable discussion titled “Engaging U.S. Investors to Facilitate U.S. Investments in Africa.” The conversation focused on investment operations and private investor markets within the regions. The session featured speakers Sérgio Pimenta, Regional Vice President for Africa-IFC, and Chris Clubb, Managing Director-Convergence. It was open dialogue for members of CCA to understand and gain valuable information about the banking and investment industry as they move to secure the market.

The opening remarks were made by CCA’s President and CEO, Florizelle Liser and representatives from the World Bank Group, Alphonse Ibi Kouagou, Executive Director and Evangelia Bouzis, the U.S. Executive Director. Both parties touched on the partnership that the U.S. is continuing to create by strengthening the information that is provided to companies, increasing opportunities within the network, and properly training them on how to work with the World Bank in the future.

Continuing with the program, Bintou Kabor introduced the first speaker Sérgio Pimenta, who went into depth about the products the World Bank currently offers in the realm of investing, blended finance, and private sector entities. Pimenta shares that there are many projects underway which include affordability with international investors and sustainable means in Africa. He also discussed the financial side of the business in terms of ensuring funding consistencies across all laterals to create a bigger, positive impact on future investment projects throughout.