Invest in Mozambique - 2023 U.S.-Africa Business Summit

On Thursday, July 13, 2023, the Corporate Council on Africa hosted an “Invest in Mozambique” Luncheon at the 15th U.S.-Africa Business Summit. The session was moderated by Ambassador Alfredo Nuvunga, the Republic of Mozambique's Ambassador to the United States of America.

The session was divided into two parts. The first part consisted of introductory remarks by Ms. Frorizelle Liser, CEO and President of the CCA, Mr. Evaristo Madime, President of the Mozambique-USA Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Agostinho Vuma, President of the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA) highlighting the investment opportunity Mozambique offers to U.S. Businesses.  

The second part of the session focused on the following specific projects and sector opportunities:

  • Legal Framework for Investment and Business Opportunities in Mozambique
  • SADC Fuel Supply Corridor
  • Investment Opportunities in the Electrical Sector in Mozambique
  • Mphanda Nkuwa Hydropower Project and Associated High Transmission System
  • Agrobusiness Opportunities in the Zambeze Valley
  • Cabo Delgado Industrial Parks (CD Parks)
  • Mozambique Your Destination for Leisure and Tourism Investments

H.E. Silvino Moreno, Minister of Industry and Trade, provided closing remarks by highlighting the government of Mozambique’s commitment to promoting and facilitating trade and investment between the two countries. The Invest in Mozambique program concluded with a question-and-answer session.

The Invest in Mozambique program was a valuable opportunity for business leaders and investors to learn about the investment opportunities in Mozambique. The session also provided a platform for government officials and business leaders to discuss ways to strengthen the economic relationship between Mozambique and the United States.