Priorities and Policy Recommendations on Africa for the Biden-Harris Administration


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Corporate Council on Africa

Priorities and Policy Recommendations on Africa

for the Biden-Harris Administration


Opportunity to Chart a Strategic, Enduring U.S.-Africa Relationship

A vibrant, robust, and mutually beneficial relationship between the United States and Africa underpins the Biden-Harris Administration’s Build Back Better objectives of facilitating an inclusive economic recovery, sustaining, and creating jobs for U.S. workers, eradicating COVID-19, and combatting climate change. Furthermore, active re-engagement with African countries and international organizations committed to Africa’s prosperity and development will buttress the United States’ commitment to restore alliances and leadership multilaterally.

The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) welcomes the Biden-Harris Administration’s appeal to African Leaders to rebuild relationships premised on equal partnership and mutual trust, respect, and prosperity. We commend President Biden for making his commitment to reengage the African Union early in his Presidency. The President’s remarks before the 34th Meeting of the African Union are a welcome tonal and policy shift for U.S.-Africa relations. CCA supports the Administration’s early signs of pursuing an active Africa strategy that matches the continent’s strategic importance for the U.S. in achieving its global economic and security objectives.

CCA looks forward to engaging with the Biden-Harris Administration to develop and implement a comprehensive U.S. strategy for Africa that will support inclusive, equitable, and sustainable economies across the continent and facilitate more U.S. exports and middle-class jobs in the United States. We encourage the Administration to see Africa as we see it: a continent full of opportunity and ready – now more than ever – for mutually beneficial partnership on equal footing with the United States.