Strategic Approaches to Deepen U.S.-African Trade & Investment - 2023 U.S.-Africa Business Summit

The Thursday morning plenary titled “Strategic Approaches to Deepen U.S.-African Trade and Investment,” moderated by CCA President and CEO, Florie Liser, featured a robust discussion between private and public sector officials.  Botswana Minister of Investment, Trade & Industry, Mmusi Kgafela, underscored Botswana’s strong interest in a sustainable partnership with the United States, including increasing trade and investment ties in several priority sectors that would foster Botswana’s development as a middle-income country.

Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative, Osvaldo Gomez Martinez, stressed the United States’ strong interest in deepening trade and investment ties with African countries, and noted the several programs that the U.S. Government has to achieve that goal.  Standard Bank’s Sim Tshabalala noted the significant gap between Africa’s trade with Europe and Asia vice the United States, suggesting that sustained attention and effort could indeed close that gap, particularly as American companies look to develop key sectors related to technology and value addition.  The session also noted the important role that small and medium sized companies can play in developing stronger value chains, as Moneda’s Ejike Egbuagu articulated.  There was also agreement on the importance of more innovative financing to realize potential across sectors, while panelists also agreed on the importance of adopting a new mindset of shared opportunity as an important part of tackling challenges like expanding infrastructure and value chains. 

Click here to watch the recorded session.